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Trunk or Treat Volunteers - Sunday, October 30 12:30p-2p

We are looking for volunteers to help create a safe and fun environment for our Trunk or Treat event on Sunday, October 30.  Sign up and be a part of the fun! If...
Posted by Christy Bathje in PTL (Parent Teacher League)
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Meet Sydni Schmelter and Mary Andrzejczak - New Trinity Teachers

Introducing Sydni Schmelter and Mary Andrzejczak [video]
Posted by Tim Johnson in Trinity Lutheran Church
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NLSW-Thanks from the PTL

Thank you to all who helped with our special handprint heart to celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week. Come check it out on the wall in the primary grades hallway...
Posted by Jen Pankau in PTL (Parent Teacher League)

2016 3/4 Valentine's Day Dance!

Posted by Dave Kelly in PTL (Parent Teacher League)
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Loving to Learn . . . Learning to Love

Help our children love to learn, and learn to love!   Your school needs your help to continue providing a Christ-centered learning environment- from families...
Posted by Theresa Mittelbrun in Trinity Lutheran Church
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2015 Trunk-or-Treat!

Posted by Dave Kelly in Connection and Outreach
2015-tt-s-101_thumb 2015-tt-s-100_thumb 2015-tt-s-99_thumb

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The Trinity Lutheran Parent Teacher League exists

to bridge the parents, teachers, and students of the school together to create a sense of community

to assist the school in creating the best possible Christ-centered environment for students to grow and learn

to complete and follow through with fundraising and fellowship opportunities to ensure the sustainability of the above referenced objectives: fellowship and fundraising

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