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By Mary Swank in Trinity Lutheran School 4 months ago | 4249 views Link:

Due to the inclement weather, Trinity Lutheran School will be closed on Monday, 11/26.  As of now, our church office will remain open.  Please be safe out there!

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Candace Hoekstra

I am assuming sports are cancelled tomorrow too.

Mary Swank

Yes, all sporting events are also cancelled.  We will keep you posted on other closings as decisions are made.  Thank you for asking.

Carole Arco

The day care center will open as long as staff can make it in and there are not any building issues. The situation will be assessed in the morning.

Sherri Gannon

any updates on daycare being open?

Jaci Cambronne

Anyone else still without power…
Do you think the school will be open tomorrow?

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Carole Arco

Yes, school will resume tomorrow Tuesday, November 27th. Jaci, is there anything we can do to help?

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