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Cookies for Toy Store!

By Theresa Mittelbrun in Trinity Lutheran Church 4 months ago | 6751 views Link:

Have you started your Christmas baking? Can you make an extra 2 dozen?

We are looking for bakers willing to make 2 dozen cookies for Trinity’s Toy Store being held on Saturday December 8th from 9:00-11:00 in the Heritage Center.

Cookies can be dropped off Friday December 7th from 4:00p.m.-7:00p.m. at the Heritage Center.

Help us show the love of Christ to our community.

Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18

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Melissa Boos

Do they need to be nut free?

Lindsey Golle

I can bring 2 dozen 

Theresa Mittelbrun

Melissa, they do not have to be nut free. However, if they are it would be helpful to have them marked that way in case someone does have nut allergies. Thanks! 

Theresa Mittelbrun

Thanks Lindsey!

Chrissy Swaw

We can bring some !

Melissa Boos

How many total do you think you’ll need? I can plan to make a bunch.

Theresa Mittelbrun

Melissa, we’re asking each volunteer to bring two dozen, but we are going to have the most families we’ve had to date, over 90 registered so far! So whatever you’d like to make will be greatly appreciated.  

Theresa Mittelbrun

Thanks Chrissy!

Melissa Boos

I made about 200 small spritz cookies (with help from Lorelei and Ella Ratini!). I’m freezing them and will drop off Friday!

Theresa Mittelbrun

Melissa, Lorelei and Ella, thank you so very much for your baking blessings!!

Jaci Cambronne

I can make a couple of batches too if you still need some. Please let me know. Thank you.

Theresa Mittelbrun

Jacki, yes we can definitely still use some. Thank you so much!

Colleen Cygan

We can bring some as well.

Jean Egan

Hello Theresa, I will gladly make two dozen and drop them off on Friday.

Theresa Mittelbrun

Thanks Colleen!!

Theresa Mittelbrun

Thanks Jean!!

Colleen Cygan

Theresa- is it possible to drop the cookies off a little early at 3:45 when I picked my child up from school?

Theresa Mittelbrun

Sure! If you could please mark them “Toy Store” and place them in the doughnut kitchen by the entrance to church that would be great. And thanks again. 

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