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We hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer break!

Attached for your convenience is a copy of our 2018-19 School Year At-A-Glance calendar.  Remember to visit our school website at regularly for a detailed calendar of events that will be kept current throughout the school year.

*Please note that we are currently updating the school online calendar and dates, times and venue of events are subject to change.

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Marnie Brewer

Where can I find the spirit week list?  There are so many places to look yet I cannot seem to find it!  :)  I know it’s the week of Oct. 22nd

Kalinka Lima

Mrs. Berdis added what the kids can wear on each day in her newsletter for this week. Hope that helps.

Marnie Brewer

Kalinka…I just came back to delete this post. For some reason my printer only printed off 1 page of the 1st grade news letter.  When I went back to reprint I saw the list.  Thanks!

Kalinka Lima


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