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Both our Cross Country and Volleyball teams begin this week for our Middle school students! 

If your student is interested in playing on either of these teams, please be sure to sign a “Code of Conduct” form and submit your payment to Mr. Scheiwe as soon as possible.

For your convenience, a copy of the Code of Conduct form, as well as copies of both Cross Country and Volleyball schedules are posted below.


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Sharon Blackwell

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL – practice this week Monday through Thursday from 3:45 until 5pm. Please have your 6-8th girls come out and give it  a TRY!  No experience necessary…just a willingness to learn!  Hope to see all the girls this week.  *IF your daughter is unable to make in Monday for whatever reason, PLEASE have her start coming on Tuesday!!  The  more girls we have come out the better we can all learn from and with each other!   — Coach Blackwell

Karen Breiter

Looking for clarification on Thursday 8/31: is the East Gym practice for JV or BV? Thanks!

Mary Swank

Karen – I believe the Boys Varsity is always in the East Gym and the JV team is always in the Heritage Center (unless otherwise noted).  Thanks for asking! :)

Karen Breiter

The listing says “EV” and we were just looking for clarification!

Dawn Koenig

That one on the 31st is suppose to be BV East Gym. :) 

Karen Breiter


Amy Banducci

Are there no games at home for JV?

Tricia Ley

Amy there are home games the away games have @ and school. The home games just say the time. The game in the 7th is away, it says 4:30@ Schaumburg, the game the next week is home it says 4:30 Naperville.

Amy Banducci

Thank you Tricia Ley. This is a little more intense then CC calendar I’m use to.

Karen Breiter

Home matches are in capital letters!

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