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CALLING ALL Trunk or Treat Car Decorators

By Erica Davies in Trinity Lutheran Church 6 months ago | 2552 views Link:

Halloween is right around the corner which means so is our Trunk or Treat Fall Event on October 28th!

To make Trunk or Treat a Success we need as many DECORATED CARS as possible!

This is such a fun opportunity! You can decorate your car spooky, silly, or have a fun theme! The more cars- the more fun this event is!

ALSO there will be a prizes for best decorated car! 

1st Place for Best Themed Car= $75 prize

2nd Place for Best Decorated Car= $50 prize

3rd Place for Best Decorated Car= $25 prize

Check out the Car Decoration Guide below for more ideas and tips!

Email Erica Davies or Comment Below that you want to decorate to register your car.

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Laura Siwicki

1 have 2 more people I am bringing with me so my RSVP has changed.  My babysitter and her son will be joining us! :)

Erica Davies

Ok awesome Laura!

Cheryl Sanchez

The Sanchez’s will have a decorated car there!

Erica Davies

Awesome Cheryl!

Amy Gibbons

We will be participating

Lindsey Golle

We will participate as well :) 

Katie Bryan

We are in!!!

Erica Davies

Yay! Super excited!

Jill Novacek

Novaceks will have a decorated car

Alissa Schiada

The Schiada’s will decorate a car!

Jaci Cambronne

The Cambronne’s will also be decorating their truck for Trunk Or Treat.

See you there!

Lindsey Golle

What time can we start setting up? 

Erica Davies

We ask you to get there by 12:15pm! But I’ll be around starting at 10:00 for people to start setting up if they need! I can direct you to the correct spot.

Katie Bryan

Is there a back up plan if raining?

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018, 10:23 AM Erica Davies on The City <
(email address removed)> wrote:

Alissa Schiada

I was wondering the plan for rain as well??

Erica Davies

Well we were planning to move to community center if rain, however due to God greatly blessing our numbers (over 500 people are coming) we wouldn’t fit! So we’re going to hope for the best with weather and try to stick it out unless it’s really down pouring or storming.
So I’m gonna suggest cars bring some umbrellas or anything to help your trunk stay dry! Oh and pray hard for rain to hold off!

Erica Davies

To clarify 500 total (that includes parents) so just provide candy for 250 kiddos :)) thanks for all the help! God is so good and I’m so excited. Very grateful for all the participation!

Kristina Peterson

I didn’t realize tickets were needed. We were planning to come by after the 11am service. Is that still possible? I’ll read better next year. :)

Rommel Sison

Erica, is it too late to add our car?

Erica Davies

Yes you can still come and yes Rommel we’d love you to bring a car!

Be there by 12:15!!! Candy for 250 kids! Thanks guys!

Erica Davies

Kristina yes! Please still come :)

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