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Bye Bye Birdie DVDs or BluRay disc orders

DVDs and BluRay discs are available for the Bye Bye Birdie performances.  Both performances will be on one disc.

Click here to place your order and make your payment.

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Jen Bigler

Great! Placed my order. Will we be notified when they are ready for pick up?

Tim Johnson

Jen, sorry for the slow response. I’m behind on finishing the play and 8th grade videos.  They should be ready next week, and I’ll either notify you or just mail them out.

Mike Valeski

Tim, are the Bye Bye Birdie DVDs ready?

Tim Johnson

Sorry for the delay. I will finish them tonight. I just need to finish the packaging. I was going to mail them out, unless you’d like to pick it up.

Jen Bigler

Mail would be great for me, thanks so much!
Jen Bigler

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