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April is “Autism Awareness Month”!

To show our support of those affected by Autism, we will be participating in a week long celebration of Spirit Days with our friends in the LASSO classes all next week, April 23rd through April 27th..

Monday – Blend Together Day – Tye-Dye Day

Tuesday – Together Everyone Accomplishes More – Sports Team Day

Wednesday – Be an Individual – Dress Nice (Chapel day)

Thursday – Hats Off to Autism – Hat Day

Friday – Help Make Dreams Come True – Pajama Day

For your convenience, we have provided some information on Autism below:

What is Autism?   Autism is a complex, developmental disability that causes problems with social skills and communication. Autism can be mild or severe. It is different for every person.  

Some Quick Facts About Autism:

  • Studies indicate that 1 in 68 children will be diagnosed with Autism.
  • Boys are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed than girls.
  • There is no known, single cause of Autism.
  • Autism impacts each person differently. Some people with Autism are nonverbal, while others are highly gifted in areas.
  • There is no cure for Autism.  

The Symbol for Autism Awareness is the Puzzle Piece:  The puzzle piece represents the mystery and complexity of Autism.  The different colors (red, yellow, and blue) represent the diversity of the families and people living with Autism.

Communication Tips:  When interacting with someone with Autism remember… 

  • Just because they are not looking at you doesn’t mean they are not listening.
  • Talk as equals, do not talk down to them.
  • If you think a communication error has happened, clarify it, ask questions.
  • Be patient. 

Autism in Entertainment:  There are many characters on popular shows today that demonstrate   Autism traits and tendencies. Some examples are:

  • Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’
  • Brick from ‘The Middle’
  • Julia from Sesame Street 

Famous people with Autism:

  • James Durbin: American Idol contestant.
  • Dan Akroyd: Actor, best known for his role in Blues Brothers.
  • Tim Burton: Director of films like: Batman Begins.

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Karen Breiter

I am so happy to see Trinity Day School participating in this awareness week!!

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