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Charleston Wrap is here...

By Jacki Caballero in PTL (Parent Teacher League) 6 months ago | 494 views Link:

Dear Parents,

Our first fundraising campaign of the year starts today and your help is essential! Your student(s) will be bringing home a packet including the Charleston Wrap catalog, order form and detailed information.

The funds we raise this year will go towards Technology, Teacher Support, Fellowship events and playground repairs as a long term goal!

We’re asking you to reach out to your friends and family and encourage them to shop for products in our fundraising catalogs. 

The proceeds of every purchase will make a BIG difference in our fundraising efforts this year.  There’s a lot of great stuff in this year’s catalog; with over 1,500 great products you can be confident that everyone you know will find something they like.

It only takes a few minutes:

Register your student at; our School online ID is: z-11811. Your Student’s unique 6-digit ONLINE STUDENT CODE for online sales is pre-printed on the 3 part order form. For proper credit, please do not register your student with more than one student code. Students use their student code to receive credit for all online sales. Send emails (with code) through the easy invite generator after registration.

Share your student’s 6-digit code via social media like Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter! Out of town family and friends can shop online (enter School ID z-11811 OR students code), pay by credit card and items ship directly to home! Free shipping is available, see online for details. 

Local family and friends: Completely fill out your order form – DO NOT collect sales tax; additional forms are by the school office door and front desk. ALL MONEY and TOP 2 COPIES of order form are due no later than:Wednesday, October 10th!  Please make CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Trinity Lutheran School.

Have fun and thank you for your support!

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