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By Jacki Caballero in PTL (Parent Teacher League) about 1 year ago | 526 views Link:

This year we will be holding an in-school Christmas gift shop on December 18th and 19th  from 9am-2pm. This is a fun opportunity for children to be able to choose gifts for family members and friends!  There will be a wide assortment of gift items in a variety of prices, ranging from .50-$10.00. Best of all, the gifts will be sent home in decorative wrapping so they can remain a secret!

An information packet will be going home with your student on December 11th. In this packet you will receive a “Gift Planning Envelope” which is designed to help prepare your children for their shopping day.

We are really excited to offer this shopping program to our students this year! It is not only a great opportunity to buy their own gifts for the special people in their lives, but will provide some practical experience in budgeting and handling money.

In order to make this a successful event, we will need to have volunteers during the shop to help stock the gifts and assist students in choosing the best gifts. We realize that it is a very busy time of year, so any time you can give would be greatly appreciated. Please be on the look-out for a sign-up sheet. You may also contact the PTL to let us know if/when you are available during those days.

This program is sure to be a great time at our school and we appreciate all of your support!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! 

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Lin Wahlen

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for all you do=)

Amy Gibbons

Love this idea!!!!

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