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By Mary Swank in Trinity Lutheran School 5 months ago | 2918 views Link:

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Melissa Boos

That variety one looks AMAZING!

Mary Swank

Right?!  And they are less expensive than an Eli’s!!

Melissa Boos

And, more importantly, easier than making it myself! :-)

Melissa Boos

And pickup is the day before my birthday! I just picked my birthday cake.

Alissa Schiada

Are checks made payable to Trinity?

Mary Swank

I apologize Alissa – I missed your question!  Yes, checks should be made out to Trinity.

Holly DeVega

Hello Mary,

I didn’t receive my cheesecake. Is it still there at Trinity? I had a
pretty large order and also included my phone number kn the order.


Holly DeVega

On Thu, Nov 1, 2018, 2:06 PM Mary Swank on The City <
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