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Current prayer needs... 7/7/2015

By Pat Nagel in Prayer Chain over 3 years ago | 606 views

Pray for comfort and peace as:

  • the family of Brent & Joyce Mc Ardle mourn the loss of their nephew Lee Cloonan.
  • Maggie Zielske mourns the loss of her mother Mary Smith
  • Jim McDermott mourns the loss of his cousin Frank Pecucci
  • the family of Lisa & Mark Lagina mourn the loss of Mark’s dad, Andrew Lagina Sr.
  • the family of Herb & Jean Wener mourn the loss of their son Gary
  • Patty Hamilton mourns the loss of her dad, William Boak
  • Wayne Marx mourns the loss of his former mother-in-law, Doris Falk

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Joyce Benko

On Tue, 7/7/15, Pat Nagel on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Subject: Current prayer needs… 7/7/2015 | New prayer request in Prayer Chain To: (email address removed) Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2015, 11:23 AM

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