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Urgent Prayer Needs for Reese Family

By Pat Nagel in Prayer Chain over 3 years ago | 713 views

Please pray for the family of Mark & Ashley Reese (daughter of Mike Hommowun & Diana Reese) that lost their home to a fire this past week. Per a note from Diana, "All the professionals so far have said the house is completely destroyed. There is NO personal property left. Ashley was cutting the grass and was on the riding lawnmower barefoot so she didn’t even have a pair of shoes to wear. Lukes dresser is just a pile of ashes. But NO ONE was hurt. The order of events proved that God was watching over them the whole time!!!! Had the fire happened at night we would have lost at least 2 of the kids if not the whole family. So GOD IS GOOD!!!!! "


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Sandra Reid

I am sorry to hear about the fire. Yes, it is a blessing that everyone is safe.

I will pray for them. If they need anything please let us know, since they lost everything.


Joyce Benko

God please open a door for this family and help them get back on their feet fast.

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