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Transformed Prayer

By Lannie Vance in AllStaff over 3 years ago | 768 views

Today as we continue with mental health I feel the power of Jesus working on people’s hearts, minds and souls.  I see in worship service people engaging, I hear the stories how God is changing hearts and steering the ship in a different direction here at Trinity.  I feel loved and blessed by so many of you and I thank you for your continued strength in sharing and walking in this journey called Transformed.  I am asking for each of you to take a moment today and pray for Transformed and all those who are participating and even for those who are not at this time and just ask our mighty God to give us the strength to march on even when the devil is just lurking to swoop in and bring his thunder.  Pray that we follow the hand of our Lord and Savior and that he keeps that light shinning bright for us to follow.  

Blessings on your day


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