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Imagine Daily Devotion - Day 10, February 12, 2018

By Pat Nagel in Trinity Lutheran Church about 1 year ago | 718 views

 By: Brian Nagel

Scripture Reading
Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
– John 14: 12

Describe a challenge you are facing that seems overwhelming. What is the greatest outcome you can possibly imagine making happen?

How could Jesus say that? He wasn’t just the greatest person to ever live, He was God Himself! How can He expect you and me to do greater things than He did? It’s just not possible, right? Thankfully, He doesn’t leave us on our own. Alone, that would never be possible. It’s mind boggling to imagine something that incredible. Isn’t it? But we have help. Jesus tells us we can do those things because He is going to the Father. We will have Christ Himself as our advocate, sitting at the right hand of our almighty God, interceding on our behalf. He sends the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide us. Together, as members of the Body of Christ, God has blessed us with a variety of gifts and experiences that make great things happen!

So can we really do greater things than Christ did? The first example happened shortly after He ascended with His followers converting thousands in just one day at Pentecost. Now, before you say that was centuries ago, consider the story here at Trinity. Did Christ ever travel half way around the world to bring His message of salvation along with better eyesight to thousands? How about another ministry that started with some shoes to warm feet and found thousands of souls who were dying for the word in Mongolia. When we studied Circle Makers, we also heard about a church that grew from nothing to thousands.

What’s the common theme? Dreaming big, knowing and trusting God will accomplish much more than we can imagine, and laying it at His feet in prayer.

Just imagine… what greater deeds God desires to work through us to reach a lost world.

Where’s your passion? What are you being called by the Lord to work toward? Pray today that He might guide you and strengthen you to follow the path He’s calling you to.

Dear Father, strengthen me today that I might see the mighty deeds you’ve prepared in advance for me. Show me the path, provide your Spirit and calm my fears. All this I ask in Jesus holy name. Amen

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