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Prayer Makes a Difference - Thank You

By Pat Nagel in Prayer Chain almost 4 years ago | 659 views

Hello Dear Friends. Thank you so much for your prayers for my back surgery. I`m allowed to walk around the block now. Still restricted on sitting. Not sure how long that will be. Got around much better today even though it took alot of drugs. I am better than before the surgery for sure. Doctor said he`d never seen so much bone around spinal nerves. Had to remove the bone growing into my spine nerves all around it. Guess it took a lot to get that done. So here`s my miracle I can only give glory and the credit to my Lord. When I was putting on my glasses to leave the hospital I could`t see, everything was very blurry. When I took off my glasses I realized I was seeing distance just as good without my glasses as I used to with my glasses. I don`t need my glasses anymore and they were strong. What a miracle. So many people have/had me in their prayers. I feel like Peter released from prison by the Lord after the church people prayed strongly. Besi des getting my back fixed some of God`s mercy, grace and love spilled over into my eyes. I have never experienced this kind of miracle except watching my children be born. Thank you Lord for all those you gave to pray for me and for your great healing. Thank you for those who care and show their love in prayer for me. Such a treasure, I never imagined there would be so many. Thank you Lord. Thanks again dear friends in Christ. You made a real difference.

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