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14 Days of Prayer for Vacation Bible School

Calling all prayer warriors. Vacation Bible school is only 2 weeks away and we need all of your prayers and blessings.The body of Christ is powerful. We want Christ at the center of everything we do for VBS.

I ask for your prayers over the next 14 days, for Christ reminds us that,“ everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be known to God.”


  1. Lord, help us to dedicate our hearts to a time of personal relationship with you, and to hear what you desire of us as we prepare for VBS.
  2. Lord, thank you for this day and for the gifts you have given to each of us. You have called each of use to your glory. Thank you Lord for the talents you have equipped us with to serve VBS this summer.
  3. Lord, we pray that the Holy Spirit would be our guide as we begin the final preparations for VBS.
  4. Lord, today we think of all the plans and detail that are apart of planning for VBS. Allow us to remember that you are the God of all things possible. Give us strength as we trust you with the details.
  5. Lord, sometimes as we look at all that we have to accomplish, we become overwhelmed. Remind us to hold onto your hand and to let you walk beside us as we continue preparing to touch the hearts of the children with your love.
  6. Lord, we thank you for all the volunteers whom you have called to serve this ministry. Every position is important, and we couldn’t function without each person. Bless each of us as we lead this summer.
  7. Lord, we thank you for all those parents who trust us with their children this summer. Please help them to feel the touch of your love through our VBS and Church Body this summer.
  8. Lord, we thank you for wrapping your loving and protective arms around us always. Please provide safety and direction in the upcoming weeks.
  9.  Lord, we pray for humility as we embark on our VBS Journey. Remind us that this is all for your glory and not for ours.
  10. Lord, allow us to step out boldly in our faith as VBS approaches. We know you are guiding our footsteps.
  11. Lord, allow your precious and holy words to dwell richly in all that we say and do in the upcoming weeks. Allow every teacher and leader to have the direction of the Holy Spirit as they lead.
  12. Lord, allow us to have fun! Psalms 100 reminds us to “serve the Lord with gladness”. Allow us to find joy in glorifying your name.
  13. Lord, help us to be your hands this week as we spread you love to everyone that we encounter.
  14. Lord, prepare the hearts and minds of everyone who walks through Trinity’s doors this week, and give us the strength to show the love of Jesus to those we meet.

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