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School Prayers

Please continue to pray that God fills the open teacher positions. Pray for discernment during the interview process; patience, collaboration and unity among the staff in preparation for the new school year; and a spiritual, selfless, loving climate permeating the school and all of our homes. In the name of Jesus Christ, our intercessor, Savior and Lord. This is in line with God’s will, so He will hear our prayers!

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Lin Wahlen

Needed this prayer today for realignment with God’s will…I feel His love & grace and pray it somehow spills out to others as He strengthens our unity. Praying!!!

Pat Nagel

Lin, you are a blessing! And a woman of prayer!. I too am praying for unity in our church and school, students, parents, teachers, congregation members, & staff. I’m asking God to raise up people to experience all the blessings of praying with and for others here at Trinity… Being the Body of Christ

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Tony Mintrup

3rd and 5th grade teacher positions filled! Welcome Mary and Kim! Let’s continue to pray for effective on boarding; wonderful experiences for Mrs. Pudell and Mrs. Porterfield in their new jobs and that we let God have His way in us, the school, church, community, nation and world so that He will get the glory He is due! His “loving kindness is greater than life!”

Lin Wahlen

Have your way Lord in each of us. Thank you for your loving kindness despite ourselves. Thank you for turning our weaknesses into opportunities for your glory. We trust you and honor you this minute!

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