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Thanks for Praying for the Clinic!

By Pat Nagel in Prayer Chain over 3 years ago | 707 views

This weekend was amazing! We had a  ten person team moving throughout the building on Saturday praying with advocates and guests for health, finances, salvation, relationships, etc. It was a wonderful opportunity to listen to their concerns & offer words of encouragement letting our Light shine expressing Jesus love for them! 

For some. praying for someone can be intimidating, thinking they need flowery words or even knowing what to say. It was such a blessing to watch people casually listen in on those conversations and then find you later and share “You know I think I could do that too!” and truly know God is working in their life. I can hardly wait to soon be hearing their story of how God worked through them to reach a heart or life that needed mending.

Special thanks to our Stephen Ministry team: Don Ebbinghaus, Ken Reid and Fran Sauber for sharing this day with us. We also want to thank Joyce Benko, Chris Baker, Lois Heavington, Bob Libka, Bill Dubon and Pastor Warmann for your help!

There’s Power in Prayer. Thanks for being a part of it! Please respond to this post and share your stories of seeing God transform lives from yesterday. 

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