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Prepare the Church for Worship - Altar Guild

By Rogene Lis in Volunteer Recruitment 10 months ago | 1596 views Link:

Why does out sanctuary look so good?  It  does because the Altar Guild, staffed by men, women and children, clean and straighten up every week.  Join a team for once a month preparing the church for worship.  We straighten the pews, dust the chancel (altar area), wash a few windows and have fun.  Join a Thursday night team or a Thursday morning team.  If you have questions, please post or call Rogene @ 630-894-3263

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Carole Arco

Please contact me, I would love to help

Frank Lemke

please contact me, i am available for Thursday mornings

Rogene Lis


thanks for your willingness to help.  The Thursday mooring crew meets one Thursday a month.  They worked this Thursday and their next date will be April 4th.  I will send you a calendar of dates via email.  I will also remind you the week before.   Jeannette and Al short and Ginny Milas are folks you many know in this group

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