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Grandparents Day - Friday, March 9th - Volunteers Needed

By Christy Bathje in Trinity Lutheran School about 1 year ago | 1641 views Link:

Grandparents Day is coming up soon, so make sure you ask your Grandparents or Special People to join us on Friday, March 9th from 8:30 a- 12 noon. 

We have volunteer opportunities to be filled to make this a great day!  Please sign up for any of the needs listed, these hours can go towards your volunteer time.  We welcome any time you can give!

If you have any questions regarding the activities for the day, please contact the school office.

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
Food Replenishing, 8-11:30a 03/09/2018 Leah Biester
Food Replenishing, 8-11:30a 03/09/2018 Available
Greeter, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Amal Simons
Greeter, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Available
Parent Hallway Monitors, 9-11:30a 03/09/2018 Marnie Brewer
Parent Hallway Monitors, 9-11:30a 03/09/2018 Available
Parent Hallway Monitors, 9-11:30a 03/09/2018 Available
Parent Hallway Monitors, 9-11:30a 03/09/2018 Available
Registration, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Janna Divito
Registration, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Christiana Hackett
Registration, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Dawn Hebein
Registration, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Roberta Luecht
Registration, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Available
Registration, 7:45-9:30a 03/09/2018 Karen Breiter
Spirit Table, 8:30-11:30a 03/09/2018 Available

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Dawn Hebein

Hi Christy – can we sign up for things we haven’t done before? I’ve done registration at non-school events so I’m presuming I can pick up quickly what you’d need from me.


Dawn Hebein

Janna Divito

Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for your response. You can absolutely sign up for any of the opportunities listed, even the ones you haven’t done before. We really appreciate the help! 

Amy Buss

I saw a note that said we had to register the grandparents for grandparents day where do we do that?

Kim Epting

Amy- I used the link in the Tiger Tidbits. :) Hope that helps!

Roberta Luecht

Do you need any food or drinks for grandparents day???

Mary Swank

Hi Roberta – YES – thank you SO much for asking!

If you would like to donate a gallon of Orange Juice, small bottles of water or any type of finger food (cookies, brownies, etc.) that would be greatly appreciated!  Just post here what you plan to bring.  Thanks again!

Mary Swank

You can register your guests by clicking here, or click the link in the Tiger Tidbits found in the left hand column.

Roberta Luecht

Ok I will definitely bring half and half for coffee. And I will let you know what food item I am bringing by tomorrow. Putting my thinking cap on🤪

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