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By Mary Swank in Trinity Lutheran School 6 months ago | 732 views Link:

As you know, the school is having a “Family Fun Night” next week Wednesday, September 26th.  We have invited not only our school families, but everyone in the surrounding community!

The evening will end with “cookies and milk”….and we are in need of your baking (or shopping, whichever is your preference) skills to donate cookies for the evening.

Please respond below if you are able to bring a minimum of one dozen cookies.  If you will be bringing something containing peanuts, please be sure to mark the package clearly.

Donations can be dropped off either Tuesday (9/25) or Wednesday (9/26) prior to the start of the event at 6 p.m.

Thank you in advance for your generosity – we hope you will be able to join us!

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Janna Divito

I’ll bring a dozen!

Mary Swank

Yay! Thank you Janna!

Erin Ducat

We can bring 2 dozen allergy friendly cookies for the dairy, egg, gluten and nut sensitive kids. 

Mary Swank

Thank you Erin – that would be fantastic!

Shannon Steen

Steens will bring by a dozen

Angie Rozelle

We will bring 2 dozen.

Mary Swank

Thank you Angie and Shannon!

Katie Morris

Is this in place of confirmation that night?

Laura Siwicki

Please put us down for two dozen

Gretchen Musa

I’ll bring a dozen😀

Mary Swank

Just a reminder to all of you WONDERFUL people who volunteered to bring cookies that we will need them prior to the start of the event this evening which is 6pm.  Please drop them at the front desk up until 4:00 today, or you can bring them with you when you come this evening!

Thank you ALL for your generosity!

Karen Jo Blixt

Mary bringing a tray of 60 from Costco tonight.

Mary Swank

Thank you Karen – you rock!

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