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By Mary Swank in Trinity Lutheran School 12 months ago | 5683 views Link:

We are still in need of volunteers in the following areas for this Friday’s Fine Arts Festival.  If you, or someone you know, has ANY time (it doesn’t need to be all day and you do not need to have a student participating), please sign up below for the shift of your choice as soon as possible.

We thank you for any time you are able to give.

*Please note: These are mainly for room/hall monitors (i.e., keeping rooms quiet/people from coming in/out while students are performing and judging is taking place).

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
11 - Noon Michelle Eggerding
11 - Noon Melissa Boos
12:30 - 1:40 p.m. Katie Morris
12:30 - 1:40 p.m. Available
12:30 - 1:40 p.m. Available
1:30 - 2:45 p.m. Katie Morris
2:40 - 3:50 p.m. Available

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Melissa Boos

Is this something that can be done while mostly seated? Can another child come sit and read while we’re doing it?

Mary Swank

Hi Melissa – from my experience, yes, as long as you are able to keep people from entering/leaving the room or causing any disruptions while performances are going on, sitting is fine.  As for other children in the room, as long as they are quiet as well you should be fine. Thank you for asking!

Melissa Boos

Thanks Mary! I want to check with Lorelei that she’s ok with it since we’re supposed to have a girl day, but I’ll probably take a spot if they don’t fill up before she gets home. :-)

Sharon Blackwell

THANK YOU to Michelle Eggerding…I will definitely need you during that time.

Also THANK YOU to Katie Morris…I will definitely need you during the first time slot, but Ashlyn’s choir is judged is the second session you signed up for…wasn’t sure if you wanted to see that.  I might be covered there anyway.

Melissa Boos

Sharon am I good for the 11-12? I just need to be somewhere I can easily sit between standing intervals since I’m on partial bedrest. I did ask and my doctor said I’m ok to help as long as I sit as needed. :-)

Sharon Blackwell

Melissa…I wasn’t sure of your availability when I schedule that slot.  I think I have it covered…will let you know if things change.  Sound good?  THANKS SO MUCH!

Sharon Blackwell

I am still looking for one confirmed volunteer in that last time slot…2:40-3:50pm.  Can anyone help during that time for sure? 

Melissa Boos

No problem at all Sharon! Just confirm when you know if you need me or not and I’ll be prepared either way!

Sharon Blackwell

Melissa Boos…Thanks so much for your offer of help.  I do have those specific time slots pretty much covered (I think), but if you would still like to help, we would be happy to have a couple more parents supervise in the Heritage Center for the Phil’s Friends Service Project (1-4pm).  Low Key…fleece tying and card coloring…come & go for the students.  Let me and/or Jen Nowakowski know if you’re interested in helping out there.  THANKS AGAIN!!

Katie Morris

Hi! Just wanted to see if my sign up to volunteer had gone through from noon til 245? If it did, can you please let me know at It’s okay if it didnt….I have homework to finish

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