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Easter Egg Hunt Snacks and Candy Needed

By Erica Davies in Trinity Events about 1 year ago | 2138 views Link:

What is an Easter Egg Hunt without candy and delicious Easter themed treats? We are in need of bags of candy to fill our easter eggs and some snacks ( desserts, fruit trays, and chips) for our food table on the day of our Easter Egg Hunt ( March 25th).

Think you can help out? Drop off a bag of candy at Trinity Front desk for Erica Davies.

Comment below with the snack you can bring the morning of our egg hunt!

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Ivalani Passini

I will bring a dessert- also I want to sign up to be attending this.

Erica Davies

Awesome Ivalani! If you click this link it will take you to the registration! 

Jaimee Rygel

We will bring some fruit to the event, and I will drop off a bag of candy.

Do you need any plastic eggs? I’ve got a rubbermaid tote full of eggs here at the care center.

Lindsey Golle

I will bring a popcorn 

Janna Divito

I will bring some bags of candy!

Erica Davies

Aweome guys! Jaimiee I could always use more eggs! Can I pick them up next monday?? I also might take you up on the offer to have the kids help stuff eggs if possible!

Jaimee Rygel

Erica, I will have them ready for you on Monday. We are happy to help with the egg stuffing if you need it!

Jennifer Devermann

Erica, I will drop off some candy.

Erica Davies

Thank you Jennifer! If everyone would be able to drop the candy off before next monday that would be a huge help!

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