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Tentative Practice and Game Schedule

Dear prospective parents, players, coaches, and referees: Thank you for your interest in Upward Flag Football. Though not official yet, 1st and 2nd graders will likely...
Posted by Randy Rozelle in FlagFootball
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Register Today! Trinity Flag Football

FLAG FOOTBALL Flag football is a growing alternative to full contact football that teaches basic skills and concepts of the game. Upward Flag Football programs are...
Posted by Bill Dubon in FlagFootball
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Flag Football Volunteers Needed

As a volunteer, you are giving much more than just your time and energy. You are lending your life experiences, faith, and passion for sports to impact the lives...
Posted by Bill Dubon in FlagFootball
Comment from Bill Dubon:

The sport is flagfootball grades 1-4. Registration for players is now opened at

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