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Trinity LERT responds to Watseka flooding

Posted by Bob Pautsch in LERT Board
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Late in February Watseka Illinois suffered severe flooding affecting over 200 homes.  Lutheran Early Response Teams (LERT) from Northern and Central Illinois, Indiana responded to a call from Lutheran Church Charities to aid the affected families. A team was formed by Trinity, St. Peter – Schaumburg and Prince of Peace – Palatine.  In all there were 128 people operating out of Calvary – Watseka.  Our team was assigned to assist an elderly couple whose home received nine inches of water.  We removed over a thousand sq. ft. of soggy carpet and padding, woodwork and some drywall to speed drying.  Our job was also to show the mercy, love and compassion of Christ to those affected.

Our new friends were so delighted to see us arrive and were sad to see us depart.  We think we made an impact on them and we all shed a tear as we prayed for the recovery of their home and their health in this stressful situation.

In all fifteen homes received aid from this past Saturday but dozens remain on the waiting list.

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Rogene Lis

If anyone is interested in joining Bob, Rich and others from Trinity’s team to help in disaster clean up join the community care team in the City or leave a message here.

Bob Pautsch

LCC just responded that there will be another workday this Saturday.  Anyone?

Rogene Lis

People do not have to be specially trained to help out at Watseka.  You will be trained on the job.  If you would like to go or have any questions please post here and Bob or I will respond. 

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