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Trinity LERT responds to storm damage in Schaumburg

Posted by Bob Pautsch in Community Care Team
over 1 year ago | 2158 views

On July 21 a microburst came through the center of Schaumburg. There was extensive tree damage. While the city took care of public property, individuals were responsible for trees on private property. Trinity and St. Peter LERT teams responded to clean up or remove trees where homeowners might not have been able to have it done. Together we served seven families showing the mercy and compassion of Jesus to them.


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Barb Marcell

Thanks for the posting. We all worked hard together and got the job done. It was a great day for all. God is good.

Pat Homp

Great job!  Thank you!!

Joel Eggerding

Thank you for sharing.  It’s great to see your passion to help others in the name of Jesus.

Theresa Mittelbrun

How awesome!

Richard Elkin

so appreciative that our church had such compassionate people ready to help out

Julie Stoffregen

Thanks for all you do!  God bless.

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