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Youth Mission Trip to Costa Rica was a dream!

Posted by Mark Novacek in Trinity Lutheran Church
5 months ago | 1720 views

Thanks to all for your big prayers and support for Trinity Youth to head on a very special international trip to Nosara, Costa Rica! 

DCE Erica and DCE Mark took 10 students to build a home from the ground up for a Pastor and his wife who did ministry in the area.  Louis and Viki lived in a small shack with a tarp for a roof.  Now they have a home that will be able to allow them to do huge ministry for the Lord.  Praise God!!

We also went through the entire book of Romans during our devotion time at night and were able to spend some time on the ocean and enjoy some Costa Rican cuisine.

The students were able to see God in action through others, to get outside their comfort zone and to work hard to achieve quite a feat!

What an incredible week!!!

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Julie Stoffregen

Nice job!

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